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The security of your online data is our major concern, we apply particularly strict rules regarding access to our interfaces.

For example, our security systems (firewalls) can be automatically activated when the configuration of an e-mail address is incorrect or when incorrect connection information is used. This causes the ban of the IP address of your internet connection on our firewall, prohibiting any access to our interfaces. This is a measure to guard against attacks of the type "Brute force", method of testing, one by one, all combinations of possible password.

In order to allow you to lift the access restriction imposed on an internet connection, we have developed a specific module accessible from the main menu of your personalized customer area to unlock your IP address.

This utility named "Unblock IP" requires:

  • To be connected to your account in the customer area
  • To have at least one active hosting service on one of our servers

Access to your account can be facilitated through the use of identification with your Facebook account. Here you will find all the information you need to activate this feature for which we do not collect any personal data.

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